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PC Pros LLC is company run by me, Derek Fenwick. I do much of the work but also work closely with my family and some local talented college students and local experienced software developers as needed.

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I am a Website Designer, Internet Marketer and have been Designing, Programming and leading people and projects for over 20 years. I have been an Engineering Director with over 100 Software Programmers reporting to me and we changed the world for the better with 10X Performance and Efficiency for over 30,000 daily users.

I am a husband, father, friend, christian, and fierce competitor and try to be the best and truly present in every moment. I seek WIN – WIN and FUN for all involved.

Encourage, Compete, Win, Love,

Plan, Execute, Evaluate, Repeat.

Derek Video Marketing

This is me – Derek Fenwick. I am a Software Developer by Day & Website Designer and Internet Marketer by Night…. When I’m not Playing Tennis or Working Out with my wife….
I never sleep… almost.

I pick up my cross daily with the plan to be a humble servant to everyone I meet each day. I try to encourage everyone I see, whether with a simple smile, compliment or assistance on whatever they are struggling with at the moment. I believe I am as GOOD as the BEST, but no better than the rest. I am humbled by the comments I received from my peers.